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Welcome to the world of Haryana Guar Gum & Chemicals, a successfully running organization for delivering only and only quality products. We have a wide experience in manufacturing best quality GUARGUM SPLIT & KORMA (GUAR MEALS). The company was established in the year 2006 under the guidance of Mr. Surendra Singhal, having broad product knowledge and potential to manage the company. Our dedicated team of 25 people is involved in the purchasing of guar seed, at open auction in the market yard where each lot is visually and physically verified by our purchase officers.

In the factory thorough cleaning of the guar seed is undertaken by automatic plant there by removing all foreign material. The cleaned guar seed is processed into our main product i.e. GUARGUM SPLIT. Two by products GUAR CHURI AND GUAR KORMA, which are basically cattle feed are also produced.